How it all started:

During the winter of 2000, an idea began to emerge to enhance the way business was conducted within the IT Industry.

Businesses could have all their Technology needs provided by a single Service Provider. Everything from Website & Email Hosting, Website Design & Development, Internet Access, Desktop Support; Server Administration, Networking, Telecommunications, Internet Security, CCTV, Power Inverters, and all other IT Requirements needs met by one company.

The idea gained momentum and Halcyon’s Haven began to materialize. A provider of Complete IT solutions for Small to Medium Businesses.

Halcyon consists of a group of passionate people who believe in making a difference in service levels for the SME market. We believe in using our strengths to take the hassle out of your business IT functions.

It is our pleasure to customize solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises to ensure correct solutions are put in place First Time; and that they are implemented timelessly as well as cost effectively.

We align ourselves with companies who share the same view on service excellence and work as outsourced Technical Consultants for clients as well as provide businesses with their own Full Scale internal or external IT Department.

We are there for clients who wants to eliminate the hassle of their IT Infrastructure so that they can concentrate on their business; be it an outdated website, an old PC or something as simple as their email not working. If we can remove any IT related problems for a business, they have one less problem to worry about and they can then get back to business.

Welcome to Halcyon’s Haven. Enjoy the experience.